Unicom develops ergonomic and interactive, Open Source-based Web Applications that support business processes via intranet or extranet.

Web Applications are software solutions that are executed via the Internet and displayed in a web browser. Unlike desktop applicationsWeb Applications can be used regardless of platform, time or location, and don’t require specific hardware, software or run-time systems. This means that even performance-intensive programs can be run without using particularly powerful hardware.

Web applications have gradually replaced desktop applications, lightweight and compliant with different systems and display support, they have become the ultimate collaboration tool that fits the specific needs of your business.

Imagine the resources and the strategic information of your company centralized, shared and made accessible to all stakeholders …

Customers, suppliers, quotes, invoices, track your production or your business … All these data updated by all your collaborators in real time. A considerable profit for your company and an advantage that will allow you to focus on your business.

Thanks to its reputation in the Web Applications developpement in Europe and the Maghreb, Unicom has expanded its activities in the Middle East market. especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE.

Vtiger intranet application: an open source web based CRM software

vTiger CRM is an intranet application for sharing business data between multiple users within the same company. Operating in web mode, you just need a browser to use it, regardless of the platform and the requested operating system.

vTiger CRM provided intuitive interfaces that don’t require any web development knowledge , facilitating to our customers the management of their daily business saving time and money.


Engage your customers with efficient communication

vTiger CRM allows you to behave like a partner, not a vendor or a simple buyer, having at hand the history of you customer and your supplier.

Ensure an effective coordination between different agents within your company

Using vTiger CRM each team member knows his duties and can coordinate their work with colleagues. Forward a task, an appointment, a call to make to a colleague or a workgroup and follow in real time how the job is done.

Make analysis and create custom reports

vTiger CRM enables to minutely monitor your business activities providing the opportunity to build your own custom reports.

Protect your customer data

Every day we take care of backing up your data stored in your database over a month. We are therefore able to restore your data at any time over a period of 30 days.

Fully customizable to suit your business processes

This is where the Unicom expertise comes into action! The source code being well mastered by our developers, we will be able to customize vTiger CRM to make it perfectly fit with your business processes.

Extranet application vTiger + WordPress: flexibility combined with power

At Unicom we combined the WordPress CMS and CRM vTiger to create both a dynamic website that will present your company and its activities and an extranet web application that will serve as customer portal.

The dynamic website will benefit from the advantages of WordPress in web optimization and ease of management of its administration interface.

Vtiger Customer Portal is the perfect companion to vtiger CRM for customer support. Making available to customer an interactive extranet directly related to vtiger CRM.

This portal provides access to knowledge databases, documentation and support tickets for any type of information. It also offers the ability to view quotes and invoices.

Links with other CMS and web solutions are also possible according to your needs and the solutions that you have previously deployed, For example the e-commerce Magento CMS, where you will be able to manage clients in your online store with vtiger CRM.

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